Car Dealer Sales Tactics

by Stephen M. Hague

The next time you go to a car dealer looking to buy a car, pay close attention to what the salesman is saying to you
to try to get you into that new car.

In salesmen speak; the "close" is the moment when you go in for the kill (capture of the sale).  This is traditionally
used in any sales situation but typically it's more often used in car dealerships.

A close is nothing more than a thought inspired by words.  Its main purpose in one way or another is to generate
emotion in you that will lead to you buying the car.

Here are some of my favorite examples and there meanings.  If you hear these or slight variations of these, stand
your ground and know that you're being "closed."

The Sympathy Close:
(Feel sorry for me) – “My numbers are way down..., I may get fired if I don't sell this car...”; “I can’t afford to feed my
family...”; “I have a sick child”..., etc.
(Sense of Urgency) “I just need one more sale by the end of the day to win a contest..., get a bonus..., etc.

The Reverse Sympathy Close:
“You owe it to yourself...”

The Amicable Close:
“My boss is in a good mood today...”, or “I’m mad at my boss today let’s get him...”

The Relative Close (Oh brother!):
“Can I talk to you like a brother?”; “If you were my brother, I’d give you this advice...”; “I’ll give you the same deal I’d
give my brother...”

The Freshmen Close
“I’m new in this business, so take it easy on me.”

The Other Customer Close
“If you don’t buy it, I have another customer who is interested and will buy today.”

The Today Only Close
“This deal is good today only...”

The Silence Close
“So what do you think? (Silence).”

Splitting Hairs
“Look we’re only $500 apart, let’s just split the difference.”

The Break Even Close
“If I give you the car for that price, I’m just about breaking even.”

The Used and Abused Close
“I worked so hard..., spent so much time..., gave you so much information..., etc.”

These are some of my favorites but there are many more so the next time you're buying a car, don't get closed!
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