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Steve was able to reduce the price by $1,000 dollars relative to any internet or face to
The dealer promised us the color of the car my wife wanted.  When it was time to
purchase, the dealer could not fulfill his promise and was not able to facilitate a
Steve found the only car in all of New England that matched the color and vehicle we
wanted.  We simply could not have found our specific car without his help.

There is no question in my mind that I will use Steve again when I purchase another
car.  He is always available, negotiates rock bottom prices, stands by his customers to
the nth degree, and provides a service that is unmatched.

Steve K., Natick, Ma.

Hi Steve,

I finalized the purchase this morning and the car is now in my garage. I'm very happy
with the whole transaction.
Of course the fact that you had everything prearranged made the whole thing a
pleasant experience, even for me, now in my 80th year!  
I am very, very grateful for the way you handled everything, and I admire your
negotiating abilities. I will not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone buying a

Again, many thanks,

Mike (Tom's River, NJ)


Thanks for your assistance with the purchase of my Honda Coupe.  You got me the
exact car I wanted at a terrific discount.  I had visited a dealer I had purchased from
before and got their best price.  You beat that by a substantial margin.

I had also researched other auto buying services on the Web and spoken to them.  
others offered.

I did not even have to visit the dealer again until I went in the pick up the car.  The price
was exactly as quoted.  No hassle.  Pay and go.

I have already recommended you to friends!
Dennis C., -  Tarrytown, NY

Hi Steve,

I think your service is worth the money...and will some send some friends your way.  
Thanks for your help, it was nice working with you.

Vasanth V. - Pasadena, CA.

I took a car buying class from Steve Hague and what I got was a great deal more.
Making the decision to hire him to help me was the best one that I have made in the
last few years. He was available, made good suggestions, was clear about the choices I
had to make. I can't recommend him enough. And on top of all the great advice, he
made a deal for me that saved me $2.000.

Susan C., Woonsocket, RI

I thank you many times :>) I'll be sure to get with you again, my son will need a truck
within the year, thx!

-Eric R. - Carlsbad, CA

Hi Steve,

Thanks for all you help.  I will definitely use your service again and
will recommend you to my close friends and family.  You are definitely very good at
what you do.

Take Care,

Anthony M. - Burlington, MA

Thank you for all of your help Steve, Greatly appreciated . Will work with you again in

Corey S. - Needham, MA

You have helped me tremendously in the last couple of weeks.  I really want to thank
you for discussing prices and letting me know what to expect.
You are a class act and I can't help but think that you will be successful in whatever
endeavors you get into.

Michael, Providence, RI

Hi Steve;
We highly recommend you to others to avoid the lack of knowledge we possess and
the litigation skills you possess for a reasonable fee which we will let others learn from
you in your time. We hope to see more advertising for your services for the baby
boomer consumers.

Thanks again- Jack and Kay, Coventry, RI