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How can your services save me money ?

1.  We Save You Time.  Why spend the little free time most of us have today, doing something that most people dislike
and are far less qualified than professionals to do anyway ?  
Contact the experts at ProAutoBuying instead. We'll help you choose the right vehicle, locate it, and handle all of the
negotiating saving you time and money.
It can take the average consumer 20 to 30 hours
(see how)or more to purchase a car.  This can include researching
vehicles, test driving, frustrating negotiations and finalizing the deal.

We are Car Buying and Leasing Experts.  Our car buyers agents have many years of experience in expertly
negotiating the cost of vehicles and we have the latest information on rebates, incentives, resale values and much more
that we share with you.

Dealers Like Working With us.  Well, they don't like us because they don't make much money on our deals if any at
all.  But when we approach them as a car buying service, the dealer knows we mean business.  We don't waste their
time asking questions or playing games.  They accept our deal or we move on to the next dealer.  We know their true
cost and negotiate based on that.

We Deal in Volume. Because we are a national car buying and leasing service, chances are good that we've worked
with a dealership in your area.  Again, dealers may not make money from our customers but, it's important that they
move vehicles so they tend to work with us.

Online Car Buying is not Enough.  You may be able to get quotes from dealers through internet sites but, the most
important thing they don't do is negotiate that price.  We routinely save hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars
on the lowest price quote we receive from dealers.  

How much money can your service save me?

There are a lot of factors in how much money ProAutoBuying can save you.  It depends on the vehicle supply and
demand, the list price, the time of purchase and other variables.  Our average savings though for most cars is between
$2,000 and $4,000 off of the list price of the vehicle.  

Why use an Auto Buying Service ?

We know the ACTUAL dealers cost for every make and model.  We also know when there are unannounced
manufacturer-to-dealer rebates and special financing rates available.  If you are not aware of them, the dealer is under
no obligation to tell you about them.

Can I get a Good Deal Buying through an Internet Website ?

Internet auto buying sites are often misleading and are actually controlled by dealerships.  All cars, trucks, and SUV’s
sold in the U.S. are sold through dealerships.  This is a very important point.  All of the internet buying sites work
through or are dealerships.  
ProAutoBuying to work for you now !  Just click here and let us know what type of vehicle you are interested in or
call us at
(401) 965-3822.  Remember, we work throughout the U.S. on your behalf.
Our experts can save you money, time and frustration on the purchase or lease of your new vehicle - “There is a better
way !”

Do You Get Paid by the Dealer too ?

Unlike typical auto brokers, we do not accept any money from the dealers we work with.  Many auto brokers are paid by
the customer and the dealership.  We work for you only and ask that the dealers' give us the absolute best price on
your vehicle.

Are You a Former Car Dealer or Salesperson ?

While some auto brokers and car buying services are run by former (and current) car dealers, we take pride in the fact
that none of our agents are former car salespeople.  While not all car salespeople are dishonest, many of them are.  
Do you believe that they become honest as professional auto buyers even though they were dishonest as car
salespeople?  Neither do we.

   Our Questions for you

Do You Dislike the Car Buying Experience ?

ProAutoBuying delivers “stress-free” car-buying assistance. We have years of experience helping customers purchase
their automobiles at the lowest price possible.  
Our reputation as
"honest, expert car buyers" is important to us.  Our number one priority is getting you the best deal
available on the car, truck, or SUV that you choose.  

Do You Have All of the Facts ?
Buying or leasing an automobile is typically the second largest purchase you will make in your lifetime.  Negotiating for
an item that costs thousands of dollars can leave you open to insecurity, fear, and sometimes exploitation.

Do you Know How Car Dealers Make Money?
Dealerships can make money in a variety of different ways: profit on the sale of the vehicle, reduced value given on
trade-in, financing of the vehicle, paperwork add-on fees, and extras such as extended warranties and service
We're prepared to negotiate all of these on your behalf.  Are you really ready to go it alone?

Which Vehicle is Right for You ?
There are more than 300 car models and niche vehicles world-wide today, and the amount of options is multiplying at a
dizzying rate.
You can count on the experts at
ProAutoBuying, your full service auto buying service, to share information with you so
that you can make an informed decision on which vehicle is best for you.

Contact us now! Professional Auto Buying Services and ProAutoBuying.com - Your personal car buying service leader !

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“Between work and family commitments, we didn’t have the time to spend hours visiting car dealers.  
Professional Auto Buying was able to save us time and money !”
“Buying a new car has always been stressful to me.  I never know if I’m getting a good deal and I don’t trust
the salespeople…”
“I found out after the deal was done that I paid way too much for my new car…”
“Most internet auto buying websites are confusing.  None of the prices seem to match from site to site and I
end up having to buy from a dealer I don’t know anyway…”
“I bought a new car through an auto broker and was shocked to find out that in addition to the fee I paid him,
he was also being paid by the dealer !…”
"What a mistake I made in choosing my last car.  While I was impressed by its looks, it was uncomfortable to
drive on long trips and it was really expensive to fix."
“We were most impressed with your knowledge of the automobile buying process and dealer tactics.  We
would have paid an extra $750 in add-on's and fees if not for your service…”
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