* We'll research and calculate the exact dealer cost (not invoice cost) and/or market value.

* We'll personally contact multiple dealers in your area and negotiate the absolute best price possible using our
research, market information, and expert negotiation skills.

* At no additional charge, we will discuss trade-in, financing, resale value, safety, or any other car buying questions
you may have.

* Once the negotiation process is complete, we will make a recommendation based on the best overall value.

* We will review all of the details with you and introduce you to the dealership as the buyer when ready.

*  Upon final agreement and understanding of all of the details, you will be ready to pick up your vehicle and drive
away knowing that you received the best deal possible with the help of the Professionals at
ProAutoBuying !

Typical New Car savings: $4,000 to $7,000 off of manufacturers suggested retail price.
Our Professional Fees:

New or used cars, SUV's and trucks — MSRP (Sticker Price) below $40,000.00
our professional fee:

New or used cars, SUV's and trucks — MSRP (Sticker Price) over $40,000.00
our professional fee:

Specialty cars or MSRP (Sticker Price) over $80,000.00
our professional fee:
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